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Academic institutions have a very major role in developing the future of your child therefore before sending the child to any institute very deep research is done by the parents and guardians. Usually while doing the interiors of any financial institution such as school or colleges not much is paid and then the interiors become the major drawback of the institution. During deciding the interiors of academic institutions what come to peoples mind are only a table and bench, but there is much more to it. It requires an expert interior designer and decorator who know that what attracts the people towards a particular institute. Lakdi is the furniture manufacture company who understands that the environment should be created in which students can focus on their work. No one can force anyone to study, but one can surely find ways to make education interesting for the students. Slowly institutions also understand the importance of modern interiors in schools and colleges. Modern classrooms with LED fixtures, CCTV cameras, digital whiteboards and projectors for smart classes have become the basis of educational institutions as all these things make education more advanced and interesting. Well thought interior decoration ideas are to be used in the institution so that children do not miss use it and feel comfortable be it in middle school, high school or colleges. Some of the places in whose interior we specialize are:

Library :

The Library is the place where students come and study; therefore there should be peaceful environment in that area. Not only this, interior decoration should be such that students feel interested in studying in that area. As we are furniture manufacturer also, we keep in mind that the cupboards should be such that all the books can be kept in a proper manner so that students don’t have to struggle in finding the books. Sitting area is made in such a way that students don’t feel interrupted by anything.

Outdoor :

Outdoor of the institution should be very good and relaxing as it is the place where students come and talk to each other and play. There are usually grounds to play and swings as well for kindergarten students.


Reception is that area where first parents visit to apply for their child’s admission. And at that moment itself the first impression is made. Usually interior designers ignore the reception area of educational institutions, but here at Lakdi we know its value. If the reception area has the best interior it will create a positive impression on the clients.


Here at Lakdi we try to decorate the classroom in such a way that there are no distractions possible when the students are studying so that they can pay proper attention to what their teacher is saying. We prefer smart classrooms for students of all the grades as it makes education even more interesting. But interiors differ from classroom to classroom. For kindergarten classes there is a play area, colorful walls with cartoon and things like this whereas in the classrooms of high school or college there are no such things. They have projectors, lecture stands etc.

Our Specialities

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