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Spending on educational furniture should be treated as an investment in the future of the institution. Choosing high quality classroom furniture is the top priority as it plays a vital role in the growth of students. It has an important part in improving education and learning among children. As schools have become much more modern classroom furniture and interior of the college is becoming a major ingredient in the development and learning. Not only students, but it is necessary for the staff as well as it helps in creating a positive atmosphere which makes teaching interesting for teachers and studying for students easier. As per the recent study physical atmosphere of the class is also known as “third teacher”. Therefore the choice of classroom furniture is much more critical decision than anything else in the educational institute. This requires an expert opinion; Lakdi is the school furniture manufacturer company with the team of professionals who know exactly what requires having attractive furniture. Not only in the development of the student, but furniture also plays a major role in attracting other students towards a particular institution. There are some things that are to be kept in mind while choosing furniture for the school.

Long lasting :

The first thing which should be taken into consideration while deciding the furniture for school is that, that furniture should be durable. There is a lot of rough usage done by the students, so the material should be such that it can take all the cleaning and marring. The furniture is bought in bulk; therefore it is quite difficult to make this huge investment often. Materials such as steel frames and polypropylene should be used in furniture’s for school.

Mobility :

Schools today have become very advanced, now they do not have built in furniture. The furniture should be light weight, which makes easy for students to move it from one place to another. Tables must be rectangular so that they can be arranged in a single row for lectures and grouped for workshops or seminars. Students can adjust them as per their requirement and comfort zone.

Adequate sizing :

In schools, students with different age groups come it is not necessary that everybody will have the same type of body and height so the furniture should also be according to that. Lakdi is that school furniture manufacturer who things out of the box. Other furniture manufacturers will provide same furniture for all the students but here we provide that furniture with seat heights that is appropriate for all age groups. Adjustable seats would be there so that quickly alteration can be done.

Symmetry :

The main thing which is to be kept in mind while designing the furniture is that there should be proper symmetry. This is usually avoided by most of the people, but plays a major role in attracting students. The furniture of the school should match with the other interiors of the school. If it is not same it will create a bad impression on students and parents as well.

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