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Having a home theater is the best idea to utilize a room in your house. Watching a movie with your friends and family on the weekend is the best way to spend it. But designing a home theater is nothing like watching a movie. It requires careful planning if you want your home theater to function properly. A home theater is a luxury, but not a necessity to enjoy comfort. The Majority of people integrate home theater system in their living room only, but with this one gets restricted. It doesn’t allow you to play with décor and seating with expert opinion is requires so Lakdi is the place for you. Home Interior Designers has a team of experts who which you won’t get cinematic feel. There are some things like wiring, sound effects and seating on which are responsible for doing all the interior and wiring so that you can enjoy uninterrupted entertainment. Things like wireless or ceiling integrated speakers are to be used to avoid tripping over cables in the dark. Usually people do not want to invest too much on the home theater, so we try best ways to reduce the cost, but a mandatory investment like big projector and high tech sound system can’t be avoided. There should be perfect lighting in a home theater to get that theater feel. Some of the things that are to be kept in mind while designing the home theater are:

Room Selection:

Usually there is no particular requirement for room for home theater. One can convert any place in their house into a home theater, but choosing the room wisely makes a lot of difference. Try to choose a room which is more rectangular rather than square as square rooms amplify reflection. Another important thing that should be kept in mind while choosing room is that room should have minimum windows so that there is no need to invest in curtains and dealing with distorted glasses.


The major mistake made by the designers is that they paint the walls of the home theater room with light colors or according to the taste of the client. Light rooms here at our furniture company, we make sure that we give that theater feel to our clients no matter what. For home theater one should use dark colors as it minimize reflection of light. It is not necessary that everyone would like to have colors like dark red, black so dark blue is also a good option.


After building a perfect home theater you will the emptiness in that place so you can make it more filled up by adding painting, sculptures and flowers. Accessories like wall fountain also make a lot of difference without affecting the theater experience. Having a good home theater does not happen overnight, a lot of effort and patience is required to do so.


There are two factors that are considered while deciding the seating of the home theater. One is cost other is a formal screening room type of atmosphere. In order to make home theater look comfortable seating is the major factor. Our Company deals in all types of seating. Either you can go for electric mix seating style which will give a very formal theater experience or seats like bean bag chairs that are more cost effective and comfortable.

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