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When you are in the interior design industry you have to keep a close eye on every trend which is in and out in order to keep yourself up-to-date. Clients there days want new designs and if you fail in presenting new designs the client won’t approach again. Now, as fall is just around the corner, we are interior design consultant, setting our sights on what are the latest trends in home interior design. No doubt that one should always choose what they love not what is in trend, but Lakdi combine the liking of the client and latest trend to make a masterpiece. So when the weather changes, making some changes in your house are also fun and easy and cheap at the same time. There are a lot of changes in interior design, it is much more modern nowadays. Here are some of the modern interior design ideas that caught our attention:

Go Green:

The color of the leaves outside may change, but inside it will be green. Green is the new white this time, experimenting with colors is necessary because sometimes it gives astonishing results. By green we don’t mean that one should paint the house with green, but there should be the touch of this color. Like kitchen cabinets should be of green color combined with rich natural wood and leather, accented with brass and cream. This color is perfect for fall and winter.


We have noticed that marble is becoming a huge trend this year and is dominating the tile market as is durable, attractive and affordable all at the same time. It is showing up everywhere in the industry like on the kitchen shelf, floor, LCD panels etc. It looks best when paired with wood and metal. Home Interior Designing company in Delhi knows exactly how marble should be designed in order to give it a modern look.

Woven Texture:

Don’t underestimate the power of woven textiles and accents. You have no idea how can they change the look of a room and bring some life into it especially in this season. One can hang woven baskets on the wall, creating a focal point and plants in wicker stand. Rough texture with soft velvet, hand knit wool throws, ceramic accents and smooth metal side tables can also be included. With this you can save money and make the room look attractive also.

Dark Paint:

Forget white and grey, this season adds some drama. Use dark colors to paint your walls, it will highlight the furniture. Use colors like black flame, black magic and deep onyx. If you are afraid of going too dark don’t worry, we got your back. Lakdi has the solution to every problem. We advise colors like chocolate brown as it brings luxury to a place. The best way to use dark colors and not making it too loud, keep the furniture and cushions of light colors.

Outdoor seating:

People who like to sit out and relax for a while are finding new ways to do so as the cold weather is approaching. For them, we have the best outdoor seating ideas. One can have a very good and warm outdoor seating by investing in a good outdoor furniture and fire pit for warmth. Also this, is the best time to update your planters and rugs.

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