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As we all know that kitchen has been an essential part of every household and this fact cannot be denied. No doubt that there are various changes made in the kitchen which was used earlier. The traditional model is given a new version which is known as modular kitchen. If you apt for modular kitchen there will be plenty of storage. Gone are the days when one has to invest too much in building a kitchen and after this also there is no elegant look in that. But now as everything is pre built it is more cost effective and gives an elegant look also. Lakdi is that Wooden furniture manufacturers In India who offers the best designs and knows that how even the smallest area is to be utilized in the perfect manner.

Undoubtedly, modular kitchens are better than regular kitchens specially in metropolitan cities where no one has enough time to make a regular one. It is better that the regular kitchen because it gives more storage area. As there are modular units they come in very sleek and trendy designs which cannot be made in a regular kitchen. As there is a lot of space to move around it is more convenient to work with. Not only there should be symmetry in living room, dining room and bedroom, but it should also be there in the kitchen. There  are various designs, colors and patterns available so that a person can match it with the décor of their house. There is no need to spend too much time and money on construction of kitchen as modular kitchens are not at all time consuming and are cost effective at the same time. These kitchens are easy to clean and maintain. Our Interior Design Consultant deals on modular kitchen as well, providing the customers with best quality material and design. Here are some of the different types of modular kitchens in which we deal:

L shaped:

L shaped is one of the most common layouts. In some houses kitchen is very small so in order to create maximum space l shaped layout is created. In this small floor area is used in such a way that it is comfortable and the whole area is covered efficiently. By using this one can easily include small dining table in the kitchen.

U shaped:

If you have a big kitchen and love for cooking then u shaped layout is the best option for you. It is most efficient to work with this. It offers a lot of storage space in the form of plenty of wall and floor cabinets.

G shaped:

Just like island layout, G shaped layout also provides secondary counter, work and entertainment area and free standing workspace. It is best for homes with small kitchens.

Island layout :
In this L shaped or straight lined kitchen layout is combined with an unlinked island space. It can have multiple uses like as an extra kitchen counter or breakfast zone or fixed with the sink.

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