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Traditional interior home decoration continues to win hearts and be desires of many people till now. Traditional décor in a house is very comfortable and welcoming, taking people back in the 18th and 19th century. There is a misconception among people that traditional designs gives your house an old look, this is absolutely irrelevant. In your collaboration with Lakdi you will come across various designs made by us that are absolutely breathtaking. Designing for traditional décor involves a lot of planning and expertise which is exactly what we specialize in. It is not essential that for traditional home interior designers in Delhi one has to use old furniture or accents we take all the responsibility of manufacturing it. In general, traditional homes have rich wood tones, conservative color palettes, ornate decorative details and classic prints like stripes, plaids and floral.  has a lot of experience in house decor interior therefore knows that how balance in displaying various items is done so that your home does not look overdone or too simple. There should be symmetry in the interior because if there is an absence of symmetry, then it will ruin the whole place. Here are some things that we keep in mind while doing traditional interior of a house:


Usually color for bedroom walls is a personal opinion, but when it comes to traditional interiors it’s a whole new story. In this case blues and other bright colors can be used to paint the bedroom walls. Not only  this a classic wallpaper can also be used on one wall and bed should be of dark color wood that gives a traditional effect. While doing bedroom designing starts with bed and then put some artwork, photographs of family and dresser. Finish it up by accessorizing your night stand or dresser, but make sure that it is not overdone.

Living room:

Living room is that area which gives the most traditional look and requires a lot of effort. The furniture of the living room should have a mix of straight and curved lines with minor details as well. The Fireplace should be perpendicular to the place where the sofa is kept. Other than this, beautiful accent pieces can also be kept in a living room. Interior Design Consultant has contacts to arrange the traditional accent pieces or make its replica. Accessories for living area may include a collection of books, urns, lamps or vases, but there should be arranged in a proper symmetry.

Dining room:

In a traditional home, dining area is often a separate room with cabinets for storage. The Table is rectangular and around it there are matching dining chairs placed nicely. The cutlery and other pieces here include a variety of china, glassware and silver. Plates should be by simple floral design or of classic gold rimed style. Colorful fabric placements, napkins and table cloth will give it even more traditional look.

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