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Hospital Interior Design

Lakdi provides hospital interiors that are soothing and have a healing touch. Our team understands the significance of interiors in a hospital and provide solution accordingly. With our approach to deliver the finest solution possible, we understand the needs thoroughly to provide the best-suited ions for the same. From Super Speciality hospitals to a private clinic. Hospital Interior designers adopts a distinctive approach and works in minute details to provide best in class hospital occupancy services. Some of the areas in the hospital where we focus are:


Reception is that place in the hospital where after entering the lobby person goes first and fix their appointment with the doctor. This place should also have a good interior in order to make a good impression on the people as the reputation of the hospital depends on that only.


Most of the interior designs consultant tends to ignore this area, but this is considered one of the most important places in the hospital. When the patient or any other person enters the hospital it is the lobby where he first steps in and that’s when the first impression is created. The person looks around the interior of the lobby and then in his mind, he assumes the standard of the hospital. Therefore, it is important the lobby’s interior should be good to increase the reputation of the hospital.

Waiting Room:

It is the place where patients sit and wait for their turn to come. At this place they spend most of their time looking around and they feel very conscious about their appointment with the doctor. Lakdi is that furniture manufacture company who understands the behavior and psychology of the patients and makes sure that it gives positive vibes to them. The furniture in the waiting area should be comfortable so that patients do not face any trouble in sitting there.

Ward Rooms:

The Room is ultimately that area in the hospital where the patient has to stay for several days and where most of the people feel uncomfortable. We try to give it a homely effect so that it is not difficult for patients to stay. As we keep in mind about the needs and comfort of the patients we are known for providing best interior design service in India.

Our Specialities

Our portfolio includes exclusive designs for a wide variety of health care buildings.

  • Operation Theatres
  • Dental Clinics
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Medical Office Buildings
  • Imaging Centers
  • Alternative Medicine Centers
  • Hospitals & Super Specialty Centers
  • Physical Therapy Clinics
  • Private Physician’s Clinic

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