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Hotels are always built in a way to define a sense of exclusivity, comfort, luxury and leisure.

Hotel interior is an important factor for guests and it can increase the number of guests coming in. The first thing which guests notices before coming to your hotel is its interior. If the interior of your hotel is good it will attract more guests. In fact, by just looking at the interior guests can judge the comfort, food and service level of your hotel. Therefore, it is essential that interior decoration in the hotel should be unique so that you get more and more customers. As soon as the guest will enter the hotel the first thing that is noticed by him will be the interior if that is good then only your hotel will be considered.

Renovating a hotel is a major project that is why one should hire a highly experienced interior design consultant, who should have experience of renovating such big, projects specially hotels and restaurants. Lakdi is the best interior designer and a furniture manufacture company who has a lot of experience in handling such big projects. According to us hotel interiors should be such that it should convey messages to the guests about the dedication and brilliance with which hotel works. Lakdi has worked with many hotels therefore understands the requirements and expectations of hotels, resorts and guest houses. We also provide customized interior according to the theme and style of the hotel. This makes best interior designers in Delhi. There are some of the hotel areas where extra attention is to be paid which are:


When the guest comes for a stay in your hotel they prefer that the rooms should be very good and give them the feeling of their own bedroom. So while designing the interiors of the bedroom we keep in mind that we should design it in such a way that should give the guests very comfortable feeling.  The Bedroom is the place from where luxury of the hotel is reflected. Be it small room or big one, unique interior decoration ideas are used.


During their stay at hotel guests just don’t sit in the room 24 hours, they prefer a good place in hotel to sit in peace and enjoy. In order to attract guest’s hotels should have a good outdoor environment. While making interior designs for it, we ensure that there is a very calm environment in that place so that guests can spend a lot of time there. That place can be a pool side, or show a good view of mountains or the beach.


Reception is the first place where guests go after they enter the hotel. So of course they notice each and every thing in that area. We try that we make the small reception area look amazing, so that it creates a good impression on the guests.


When the guest first enters the hotel they are in the lobby, that’s the place where they sit for a while and it creates the first impression. We pay most of our attention in the lobby of the hotel so best furniture and interiors are done in that area. From statues to chandeliers, we try to make it perfect.

Our Specialities

  • Quoting products as required by the client
  • Ensuring products selected meet proper standards approved by client.
  • Custom furniture designs incorporating hospitality dimensions
  • Procuring each product from trusted suppliers / manufacturers
  • Arranging delivery time-lines that fit the clients desired schedule
  • Customer service and post-delivery follow-up & after sales service
  • Room furniture and equipment
  • Decorative & architectural lighting
  • Spa and sauna equipment
  • Modular bathrooms
  • Bar furniture & lighting
  • Swimming pools
  • Reception furniture
  • Gym equipment
  • Wall coverings
  • Elevators & escalators
  • Theme based furniture

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