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The Hotel is the synonym of comfort, friendliness and warmth. Therefore furniture used in hotels should reflect the same. Lakdi is the furniture manufacturer company that will provide you with the best range of customized hotel furniture. We follow the footsteps of the customers demand, making sure that no compromise with the quality is done. Our team of experts has knowledge that what it actually takes to attract the customers. Today, every person seeks the comfort as well as luxury. Both should go hand in hand. Not only the restaurant or café but rooms should also reflect the luxury and comfort. Lakdi is hotel furniture manufacturer for quite a long time, therefore knows that what is required to make the hotel look luxurious and comfortable. Hotel furniture may include restaurant tables and chairs, bar stool, beds for rooms, cabinets, buffet tables and many more, so it is essential that they should be of very good quality as they are used much more than the house furniture and very roughly. It requires a lot of investment therefore the quality should be superior and furniture should be durable. Hotel owners are now attempting to focus more on the décor and comfort zone as if the décor is good, people will automatically fall in love with that place. While looking for the furniture design for hotels one should always think from the customer point of view that’s what our designers and team of experts do. Here we make designs, keeping us at the place of the customers.

Having perfect furniture for your hotel is very essential and for this you can rely completely on one of the best hotel furniture manufacturer company, Lakdi. Here we closely study about the requirements of the people of that particular area in which the hotel will be located. For us luxury, comfort and durability are the topmost priority. The basic hotel furniture includes:

Restaurant Chairs and Tables :

Chairs and tables of the restaurant hinge on the theme of the restaurant. A hotel may have one or more restaurant if it is big, and each and every restaurant can have different themes. Therefore furniture is different for restaurant with different themes in order to create a relatable theme environment.

Cafe  :

Cafe is very much different from the restaurant; from themes to cuisine everything is different. Here guests usually come to relax and have a great time. So if the furniture will be according to that it will be an unforgettable experience for the guests.

Hotel Room Furniture :

Comfort should be the first concern as far as the hotel room furniture is concerned. Guests should get the homelike feeling in the room and furniture should be according to the other décor of the hotel.

Bar Furniture :

Bar is that place in the hotel where interiors and creating an environment plays a major role. People visit a bar to grab a drink, have a communication with people and relax therefore the furniture should be such that it creates very positive atmosphere. Furniture may include tables, stool, bar counter and cabinets.

Banquet :

While choosing the furniture for banquet one should make sure that it luxurious and the theme should be tasteful. It should be suitable for all kinds of parties and create enough sitting space.

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