Hotel Interiors

" Luxury must be Comfortable otherwise it is not Luxury- Coco Chanel".

We desire to provide you the ability to offer something unique to your visitors that compute to the experience of their entire stay, at the same time adding amazing value to your space by allowing owners of the hotel, to show-case interiors to their potential and acknowledge their industry value. For Luxury Hotels the interiors are designed while keeping the high profile guests in mind. While designing the Restaurants the ambiance is the main priority so that the guests can feel comfortable. Proper use of space and enough room for the people to sit or dance while enjoying the drinks in Bar/ Pub/ Discotheque. For Banquets the space is designed in such a way that there is room for enough people and proper space for stage, restrooms, sitting space and a couple of rooms as well. Every part of the resort is designed while keeping the connection with nature in mind so that the guests can feel relaxed and should have a great time. Lakdi will assist you in choosing reliable and stylish furniture based on your requirements and needs.


The furniture of the hotel is designed to ensure it shows elegance and class as the first impression to the visitors.


The lobby and lounge remain spacious, comfortable and elegant.


The design of the bedrooms is based on comfort and elegance while the furniture is luxurious.

Cafe House/Food Court/Night Clubs:

The café house etc. is designed in such a way that the visitors can enjoy their time in perfect ambiance.

Banquets/Party Hall:

The party hall etc. has the required furniture for both small and large crowds.

Spa Resorts:

The spa resorts are designed to keep it simple and comfortable.


The furniture of the outdoor space is designed to bring the visitors close to nature.

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