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"Design creates Culture, Culture shapes Values, Values determines the Future - Robert .L. Peter's".

Lakdi has built quite an image for offering stylish and durable furniture for our clients. We have a wide range of ethnic, modern and contemporary office furniture that will suit your requirements and the base structure of your office, reception, working space, director’s cabin, conference/meeting room, warehouse/store room, cafeteria, etc. We suggest the designs and furniture according to the space available so that it matches the basic needs of the office. Our clients are important for the core structure of the company, and we ensure that the quality of work matches the standards that we have set in the market.

Lakdi offers a facilitator work area and work surface shapes and bases that effortlessly oblige assemble learning and individual solace. Intended to be utilized for the social affair and communicating, we offer adaptable arrangements that are centered around unraveling needs.  Lakdi concentrates on the work pattern of people. We offer plan driven furniture that gives answers for individual, social, community and learning situations. We can consolidate both the most elevated quality and incentive by creating our items with front-line innovation, materials, and procedures. Our definitive objective is to convey new, practical furniture that fills your heart with joy more delightful. We provide services to Banking Sectors, IT Sectors, Corporates, Site Offices and Many More.


The reception area is designed while keeping the fact in mind that it is the first place where the visitor is going to pick the impression about the establishment. The furniture is comfortable and designed to accommodate visitors for longer hours.

Working Space:

The working space is designed to provide isolation as well as ease-of-reach to every corner of the office.

Director’s Cabin:

The director’s cabin has furniture options that showcase the elegance and class of the establishment.

Conference/Meeting Room:

The meeting room has all amenities like round table and chairs, projector, etc. which makes it the best place to discuss the objectives in groups.


The cafeteria furniture is cozy and provides comfort in the free time which helps in getting back the energy for the rest of the day.

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