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“Work is Worship, and the place of worship must be nourished with passion.”

Office interior is important to both employees and customers. For employees it is important because they spend the majority of their time in office only therefore it is essential that there is a comfortable, working, visually appealing and inviting environment. This environment can be created by interior designer and decorator so that employees work efficiently. For customers the interior decoration of the office reflects the reputation and professionalism. When the customer enters the office the first thing that comes in notice is its interior, if the interior is good instantly it will make a good impression on the customers. At Lakdi we are highly concerned about the reputation of the office therefore we provide our customers with the modular office furniture and interior designs. Designing interiors for office requires a lot of experience because with the help of interior working environment is to be created and Lakdi specializes in corporate interior design. Our experienced interior decoration consultants ensure that high end technology is used and well thought designs so that a modern and comfortable working environment is created. Being an expert in office interiors we work closely in understanding clients’ brand, needs and requirements as far as designs are concerned. We renovate various areas of the office including:

CEO office :

When it comes to corporate design, CEO’s office is among those places where special attention is to be paid. Executives need a place where they are comfortable and their workplace should create a good impression on their business partners and clients.

Office conference hall :

Office conference hall is the place where all the meeting takes place, important presentations are made and decisions are taken which makes it one of the most important places in the office. Here environment should be such that it becomes easy for everyone to work, think and take some very important decisions. Many meetings take place at this place so the employees should feel confident enough to share their ideas and interiors have a major role in creating that comfortable atmosphere. Therefore, while designing interiors for this place we keep all these things in mind.

Office lobby :

Office lobby or the waiting area as we can say is the place where all the employees or clients wait for their turn to come. During some interview, people come and wait in the office lobby. Before interview people are very nervous therefore we make sure that the interior should be such that it distracts the interviewer’s mind and give him/her positive thoughts.

Office pantry design :

Office pantry design or office canteen is the place where employees come and relax so this place has to be very comfortable and nice with lots of graphic designs, colors and other interesting stuff.

Office work area : 

In office work area all the employees have their different places to work and in this area various employee work making this one of the busiest areas in the office. Therefore, we have to pay extra attention in this area and make sure that one’s work is not disturbed by other and there is a proper working environment.

Reception :

Reception is the first thing that comes to notice when a person enters the office. As we all know that the ‘first impression is the last impression’ special attention is paid in this area.

Our Specialities

  • State of the art designs
  • Best use of modular furniture
  • International quality finish
  • World class imported materials
  • Modular kitchens
  • Electrical equipment
  • Roofing & cladding
  • Wood wiener and flooring
  • Glass & facades
  • Natural & engineered marble
  • Decorative & architectural lighting
  • Sofa chair tables
  • Doors and windows
  • Theme based furniture
  • Tiles & ceramics
  • Electrical wires & cables

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