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In this modern era nothing remains constant. Every year there are various changes taking place around the world, be it in technology, fashion, infrastructure or even interiors. Interiors were the one thing which didn’t change much, but now due to the alteration in demands of people there are various things that are changing day by day. But the question is what if your interior decorator is unaware of this fact or the modern designs? The trend which was there in 2016 is not in 2017 so it requires a very good interior designer who is up to date about the latest trends that are emerging or will emerge in future.  Everybody would like to design the office, house, hotel, restaurant or school according to latest trends. If the interior is not good it will be uncomfortable for you and other people as well. The success of any business depends on interiors be it in the office or hotels. Lakdi is the prominent office Interior Designer in Delhi who specializes in designing any place from a one single room to multi storey building.

As per today interior trends, interior is not only about design it is about client satisfaction, durability and cost effectiveness as well.  Our highly expert team makes sure that proper planning, budgeting and project management are done. What is the use of that furniture or interior which will look old and outdated after some time, so the designs provided by us will never go out of style and will remain forever in trend, making us one of the leading interior design consulting firms. Some of the modern interior designs include:

Lighting :

Lights are that one magic that can change everything in a place and hide all the minor flaws. Soft lights are very much in trend almost every year. But lightening does mean harsh and heat reflecting light that is uncomfortable for the eyes. Lights should be very soft and smartly installed so that even a small space is highlighted. The Experts here at Lakdi have all the responsibility of selecting and installing it.

Durability :

Designing interiors and furniture manufacturing requires a lot of investment, so it is essential that whatever furniture is manufactured should be durable. Design is also important, but before that durability is the major concern. Furniture which is manufactured by Lakdi passes through various quality checks to make sure that it is of superior quality.

Welcome Brass :

In the recent years brass has made a comeback as far as interiors are concerned. They are reasonable and cherished for their ability to bring shiny golden tones. Satin or brushed brass is much more in trend than the polished one. This can be mixed with other finishes to give an eclectic look.

Entrance :

Recently this trend has gotten more importance than any other. At Lakdi we understand that how much do the first impression matters in house, office, hotel, restaurant or school. Entrance to any place should be the most attractive because in 10 seconds people judge that how a place will look. So we give special attention in designing entrances and making sure that they are unique.

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