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Everybody in the workplace has different opinions and ideas, but there is one thing that is common in each and every person working in an office- work environment. For everyone in order to show their creativity, the proper work environment has a major role. And for creating a working environment in an office there should be one theme and keeping that theme in mind all the interiors should be done. Office interior designing Company do not focus on the theme rather they focus on the design due to this there is a lack of proper symmetry. When there is no symmetry the office will look unattractive. Now many businesses are rethinking about the interior as they are now discovering that some interior designs have a negative effect on the performance of employees. No matter what time of day is it or how focused you are at work; physical environment not only affects the performance but also your psychological well being. Lakdi is that firm that realizes the importance of one theme corporate office interior design, keeping this in mind designing is done by our experts. From CEOs to peon everyone is affected by the office theme. If the theme is attractive, comfortable and relatable to the office than the results will also be very good. Office theme can be one color, material used, and antique or related to the business that is done there. Some of them includes:

Business related :

One of the most liked and convenient themes are a business related theme. In this designing is done according to the business. For example, if it is the graphic company then the interiors will be colorful with lots of graphics on it. On the walls also there should be graphic designs. Here at Lakdi first we do research about what kind of business will be done and then according to that designing is done.

Eco friendly  :

Every business has some responsibility towards the society so one of the themes can be Eco friendly themes. In which all the things should be environment friendly through this even the employees will be motivated to work and will know that they are contributing to the benefit of the environment.

Conference hall :

Conference hall is a place where most important discussions are done so this should be very comfortable and interesting. So in order to make it even more interesting Lakdi has come up with the science fiction theme which can make it even more interesting.

Themed Cafeteria :

The Cafeteria is the place for everyone to take a break and sit together to have a word with each other. But what if rather than normal cafeteria there is a themed cafeteria like sports theme or science fiction. The environment of the cafeteria will be more lightened up then before. Employees will feel relaxed and comfortable, forgetting the stress that work might have given them. Through this they will be able to bring out their creative side.

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