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As Lakdi is the subsidiary of RIMS, it has a great experience of providing its clients with imports and consulting services and meets their demand of import goods. As we satisfy import needs of our clients it makes us best interior designer in Delhi. Over the past several years we have made an excellent relationship with trusted partners and manufacturers along with that we have created a bridge between the increasing demands for importing products from China to India. Importing the products from other countries does not mean that any sort of sacrifice is made as far as quality is concerned. We make sure that the product which is imported in of superior quality with perfect finishing. It’s been three decades that our company is involved in importing services therefore we have a healthy relationship with the manufacturers outside India and we assure you that you won’t be disappointed with our import facilities. While importing goods it is essential to have strong supply chain management with the manufacturers outside and proper service. Lakdi has a good reputation in the market as far as service is concerned. The goods will reach to the clients within the specified time as there will be an expert team that does all the work according to a plan. Not only do we import goods from China, but from across the globe. We do not compromise with the quality of furniture therefore we supply imported furniture from other countries as well. Lakdi is providing import services from quite a long time term relationship with global suppliers and factories making it impossible to deliver a bad quality product. Dealing with foreign suppliers helps the team to come across many unique interior decoration ideas as well. The Quality of the product is the biggest concern here at Lakdi. We know that our clients invest their hard earned money so we make sure that the product which we the providing them with is of a very good quality and durable. Buying a furniture or decorating a house, office, school or a hotel is a onetime investment therefore we have a specialized quality check team who inspects the product to see its raw material quality, manufacturing defects, polish and finishing. And after it gets a clearance certificate only then the product will be delivered to the client, the effort that we put in to deliver the best quality furniture to the customers makes us the largest furniture importer in Delhi.

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Our Specialities

  • Legacy of a three decade old company involved in import services
  • Strong supply chain management network & excellent service
  • Supply of high quality imported furniture from across the globe
  • Long term relationships with global suppliers and factories
  • Specialized QC team for quality inspection and assurance
  • Largest distributor of imported furniture in Delhi NCR
  • Specialist in interiors and furniture customization

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