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LED Lights provided by Lakdi are durable, long lasting and illuminate the spaces with extreme efficiency.

Lighting is more often neglected by many people and interior designers, but they don’t understand how much potential it has to completely transform a particular space. Lighting alone can make or break your interior scheme. If the Lighting system is not proper, then all the efforts made by furniture Manufacturer Company, interior and furnishing will be of no avail. But don’t worry Lakdi is a company who understands the importance of good Lighting and will help you to decide that what will look best according to the interiors. Not only do we provide you with good company lights but our experts are responsible to do all the fittings also which makes us one of the top interior designers in Delhi.  With the help of expert advice of our interior designers you can decide that what the lights will look best with your interior. The basic concern of people as far as Lighting is concerned is that, that they consume a lot of electricity. Yes, there are some lights that consume electricity and reflect heat, but it is not so in the case of Lakdi Lighting solutions. We believe in being Eco friendly, so that the lights that we use in the interiors, does absolutely no damage to the environment. These LED lights are designed to blend seamlessly with any architecture. We try hard to bring you world class LED lights for your home, hospital, office, school, industry, hotel and many more.  Interior decoration is all about focusing on what you have created and that is done with lights. These lights play a huge role in highlighting even the small details of your interior. For each and every place there is a different type of light, it requires an expert interior design consultant see that what suits the greatest for a particular space. Here at Lakdi we have perfect LED lights for different places. In modern interior decoration, lights of different colors are preferred that may be of white, blue, pink, red and many more. They give a very different look to an area. Whether it’s a place to work, relax or entertainment Lighting plays an important role to make a person feel comfortable. If only the interiors are done, then there will be a feeling of emptiness, but with lights whole atmosphere will be lightened up. Seeing the increasing demand of LED lights Lakdi Lighting solutions now deals n major brands like Syska, Philips, Surya, ENRG etc. our range of lights includes architectural LED Lighting, Wall Mounted LED Lights, Garden Lights and LED Strip Lights, Suspend LED and high Bay LED lights, Architectural LED Lighting, Wall Mounted LED Lights, LED Lamps and Down lights, LED Chandeliers and Flood Lights and LED Module Lights.

Modular Furniture System & AccesoriesModular Furniture System & Accesories

Space Planning and ManagementSpace Planing & Management

Lighting Design & InstallationLighting Design & Installation

Interior Finish Selection and ConsultationInterior Finish Selection & Consultation

Home Automation and security SystemHome Automation & Security Systems

Professional Furniture and InstallationProfessional Furniture & Installation

Our Specialities

We are a perfect LED based Lighting Solutions for variety of sectors dealing with major brands like Philips, Syska, Surya, ENRG and many more. The product range includes:

  • Architectural LED Lighting
  • Wall Mounted LED Lights
  • Garden Lights & LED Strip Lights
  • Suspended LED & High Bay LED Lights
  • Architectural LED Lighting
  • Wall Mounted LED Lights
  • LED Lamps & Down Lights
  • LED Chandeliers & Flood Lights
  • LED Module Lights

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