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Lakdi.in, is an occupancy service provider who expertise in home decor, furniture and aesthetics. Understanding the needs of our clients is our major skill and we make sure that our design reflects the lifestyle, taste and aspirations of the individual. For your our client is the top priority and we understand the value of their money. Our highly experienced team expertise in project planning, budgeting and project management making us one of the leading interior designers.

We meet the client expectations be it in the designs or services. Here at Lakdi we aim on providing our clients with the best advice and solutions that meets their current and future needs as well. The kind of product and services that are delivered by the company have taken the company to great heights. We provide best occupancy services for your home, office, hotels and other institutional places. With our creativity and innovation, we provide you with the international quality and finish on every project. Some of the occupancy services include:

Modular furniture Systems and Accessories :

First of all we provide the modular furniture system and accessories to our customers so that they can get an idea about what will be done and make necessary changes according to their needs. The company wants that the product which they are delivering should be of good quality, so first the quality of the product is shown to the customers and then further manufacturing is done.

Lighting Designs and Installations :

Lighting design plays a vital role in decorating a house, office or any other place so it is very essential that proper lightening designs are made and installation is done perfectly. Lakdi.in, lightening solution is designed in such a way that it blends seamlessly with any architecture. Our experts make sure that the perfect lighting design is made and accurate installation is done.

Home automation and security systems :

Automation is a new trend which brings you comfort and luxury both at the same time and in today, having a security system has become a necessity. With the home automation and security system provided by our company you will notice that how smoothly you will transform your way of living. As an interior designer consultant we highly recommend our clients to take our home automation and security system facility.

Space planning and management :

The major challenge for an interior decorator is to fulfill all the needs of the client in a specific area. It is essential that the architect knows how to utilize minimum space in a certain manner. Lakdi has a team of experts who realize that each and every space in your house or office is important and how it can be utilized so that all your needs are fulfilled according to your lifestyle.

Interior finish selection and consultation :

Unlike other interior designers and decorators we focus on giving the perfect finish to everything because only if the finishing is perfect, then the place will give that ‘wow’ effect. The first thing that comes in notice id the finishing of the product therefore it is essential that it should be flawless.

Professional Furniture and Installation :

Among the excellent services provided by us one is that do all the installation of the furniture and also provide professional furniture to our clients.

Modular Furniture and AccesoriesModular Furniture System & Accesories

Space Planning and ManagementSpace Planing & Management

Lighting Design & InstallationLighting Design & Installation

Interior Finish Selection and ConsultationInterior Finish Selection & Consultation

Home Automation and security systemHome Automation & Security Systems

Professional Furniture and InstallationProfessional Furniture & Installation

Our Specialities

  • Modular Furniture System & Accesories
  • Lighting Design & Installation
  • Home Automation & Security Systems
  • Space Planing & Management
  • Interior Finish Selection & Consultation
  • Professional Furniture & Installation

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