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Lakdi believes in creating the space as beautiful as possible. We provide the aesthetically designed furniture that adds grace to the interiors of your house. We also offer custom-made furniture that matches the interior and exterior of your house and adds a new touch to it. The designers and makers at Lakdi have worked extensively in studying the art of interior, exterior and furniture designs from all around the world. Our contemporary, as well as ethnic designs, can win your heart in seconds and meet your home furniture requirements about living room, bedroom, kitchen, restroom, amenities and outdoor/open terrace. Most of the furniture makers have only one intention that is to sell the product. We believe in designing the furniture so that it becomes a part of your life. Our devotion towards work ethics remains intact during the whole project.

We are a liberal pack. Our smiles are grounded in our history. We are continually happy to have you stop by. Quite often, custom furniture is excessively expensive and takes too long. We work on developing the long-term relationship with the clients. We must develop the project in such a way that it does the required justice with the thought process of the owner of the house of office. We put all our resource in the customer’s satisfaction beyond the level of expectation.

We have devoted our time and energy to making the furniture in such a way that it has the elegance of the royals from the past and has the modernism as per the today’s time. Our search of capable individuals who can design and make the products as per the customer needs, never stop.

Lakdi will use the center qualities of the group in understanding various buyer and exchange conduct, retail appropriation arranges, mark value, worldwide sourcing, and savvy production network administration, which are basic achievement factors in this segment. The center vision of Lakdi is “to be the principal decision accomplice of clients trying for Value for Style home inside arrangements.”

A chain of expansive retail organizes stores under the brand name “Lakdi-Home with Soul” is working the nation over. Lakdi Stores feature more than world-class contemporary items in Home Furniture, Soft Furnishings, Home Decor and Accessories, Wall Fashion, Modular Kitchens and Modular Wardrobes.

Living Room:

For any house, the living room is the one place where not only the family enjoys the time together, but it is also a place where guests get the first feel about the house. We use extreme care which choosing the right furniture so that it shows the class and elegance of the homeowner.


Bedroom needs to be comfortable and cozy. The furniture choice that we have for bedrooms will fit in every budget and the selection can be made while keeping the exact requirements in mind along with custom designs.


The kitchen in any house is one place where comfort and ease of process should be achievable. Our well-planned designs and furniture for kitchen vary with the size of the kitchen.


In the past few decades, the restrooms have become an ideal place to relax and have a shower. From bathtubs to amazing set of showers, we take care of every inch of the restrooms as well.


There are a lot of amenities that you can have at your house as per your budget and requirement. We have a complete collection of every aspect of a luxury house which you can choose.

Outdoor/Open Terrace:

The outdoor space or the open terrace can be designed in a way that it looks closer to nature. We can furnish this open space with elegance and perfection with our special range of outdoor furniture.

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