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Lakdi has forged a prominence of service and quality over several years with their furniture. This prominence extends across to their spectrum of hospital furniture items.

Catalogue of the Hospital Furniture:

Our product catalog of hospital furniture is as per your need. Our prime objective is to provide an extensive catalog of medical and hospital furniture items. All of the furniture for a hospital that we make is accessible with short turnover times. However, it can be customized to match your precise needs.

The range of hospital furniture varies from Reception, Lobby, Waiting Rooms, to Ward Rooms, Doctor’s Cabin, to Operation Theaters, Laboratory, Pharmacy, and Canteen to all professional needs. We are prominent furniture suppliers and pride ourselves on the standard of our products and client service we offer.

Our hospital furniture solutions are wide-ranging, involving everything from electric beds to bedside cabinets. If you have any queries about our services, please get in touch with our professionals now¸ or go to our website to know more about our furniture.

Our Commitment:

Our dedication and commitment are to provide best standard products in regards to simplified operation, aesthetics, durability, reliability and high service capability. Here at Lakdi, we accord in life-saving furniture, and we are also anxious about fast service. We have established a broad network acknowledging transporters and distributors in regards to make our products accessible in the minimum probable time. We offer precise services to our clients all around the planet.

Bespoke Hospital Furniture

All of the furniture we manufacture for the hospital can be tailored to match your medical establishment’s needs. Should you require something that is not eventually listed, please contact our professionals to inquire about our profound hospital furniture solutions. Providing an extensive catalogue of products from beds through to trolleys, Lakdi aims to back the private hospitals and the care section by providing high standard products at affordable pricing.

Detailed Market Knowledge

We are fully knowledgeable of the requirement of the developing provinces in the region of mass care and health facilities. We have all the facilities and recourses accessible with us to match all the demands of our customers stationed in any segment of the world. We have experts related to us who exclusively manage every enhancement in the medical field and try to use the information in making our solutions better and finest. Before doing any task- our professional team surveys gather feedback, assure a hygienic healthy environmental outlining and prepare details of each department and section.


We keep the reception area in calm colors to reduce the stress of the patients. Also, the furniture is designed to ensure no patient or staff feel any discomfort.


The lobby is deigned while keeping the expected footfall in mind with a proper place to sit so that the patients and family members can wait if required.

Waiting Rooms:

The waiting rooms have good enough seating arrangement so that it provides comfort and reduce stress.

Ward Rooms:

The wardroom furnitures are designed with all required amenities to ensure safety, security, and comfort of the patients.

Doctor’s Cabin:

The Doctor’s cabin furniture is designed while keeping in mind that it should be a calm place and it has proper light as well.

Operation Theaters:

The essential furniture is designed to ensure that big or small teams of doctors can work without any discomfort.


The lab furniture is designed in a way that it remains germ-free and have ample space to occupy medical equipments.


The pharmacy furniture is designed to keep the outsiders locked outside and has enough space and proper temperature control.


The canteen is the place where doctors and family members can relax for a while. We design the interiors and furniture while keeping these aspects in mind.

Being one of the most professional furniture making companies, Lakdi has been remarkably committing for your health care by making and delivering advanced medical space designing and hospital furniture. We keep the comfort of the patients as our prime priority while crafting the products and our prime objective is to create a hassle-free atmosphere during all medical process.

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