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Being one of the most prominent hotels, are you seeking a furniture company to get your space one of the best furniture? If yes, professionals at Lakdi will assist you in choosing reliable and stylish furniture based on your requirements and needs. You just need to contact our professionals regarding your query, and we will assist you with some of the prominent aspects that need to be acknowledged before employing our services.

If you are looking for beautiful furniture design for the reception, lobby/lounge, bedrooms, café house/food court/nightclubs, banquets/party hall, spa resorts and outdoor, we have a catalogue ready for your needs. We also assist our esteem customers with enticing furniture where one can be comfortable using them. We will make sure to advise on how to keep the furniture in an excellent condition as it is a crucial step in the direction to make the space look at its finest.

If in case, the furniture in the café space or restaurant area has encountered any issue or you are looking to refresh it by changing the furniture we can help you. We will assist you to need to get it changed instantly. Otherwise it can impact the overall appearance of your premises. The ideal way of executing this is by taking assistance from our professional as they will let you know what the changes which can eventually make an impact and at vying rates are. For years we have been assisting customers to receive the finest possible solutions regarding furniture they require.

Our Experience:

We are experienced and knowledgeable in assisting the client with one of the best furniture solutions they will ever receive. We will make sure to understand the needs of the client first and then assist them or advise them accordingly as per their needs.

Insured and Skilled Professionals:

Our professionals are fully experience and skills to assist you in a prime way. We always make certain that as we are the company, you are selecting; our support team of experienced and trained professionals will assist you with right expertise and skills to make the required furniture.


The furniture of the hotel is designed to ensure it shows elegance and class as the first impression to the visitors.


The lobby and lounge remain spacious, comfortable and elegant.


The design of the bedrooms is based on comfort and elegance while the furniture is luxurious.

Cafe House/Food Court/Night Clubs:

The café house etc. is designed in such a way that the visitors can enjoy their time in perfect ambiance.

Banquets/Party Hall:

The party hall etc. has the required furniture for both small and large crowds.

Spa Resorts:

The spa resorts are designed to keep it simple and comfortable.


The furniture of the outdoor space is designed to bring the visitors close to nature.

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