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Restaurants & Banquets Interior Design

Have you decided the chef, food and the concept of your restaurant? Don’t you think that there is something equally important which you are missing out? Yes, it is the interior of the restaurant. Most of the people are not attracted by the food or the concept, no doubt that is also important, but the interior of the restaurant gives the first impression to the guests. If the first impression is good, then your restaurant is good to go. These days’ people don’t go to bars and restaurants only to eat or drink they want to experience comfort and luxury. You might have a superb food, but if the interiors are not good no one will come. Not only restaurants, these days’ parties and other functions that take place, first and foremost demand of the customer is that the interiors of the banquet should be very nice. Lakdi is that company who is the best interior designer and decorator. We provide interior design service in India and we specialize in designing such big projects. What makes us so brilliant in our work is that we provide excellent service to bars, banquets and restaurants as we understand that what makes customers to be impressed by the specific place. Our expert interior designers know exactly what customers like and what makes them comfortable. From lighting to furniture we take responsibility of everything and ensure you that only the best quality will be used. Some of the areas of the restaurants in which we expertise are:

Banquets :

The Banquet is the place where weddings and other big functions take place that is why many people come to that area. No compromise can be made as far as the interior of banquets are concerned. As such, big functions take place everybody wants that the interior should be lavish enough to make the guest’s jaws drop. Banquets may be big or small, if the banquet is small that does not mean less attention will be paid. Before booking for any party’s guests make sure that they have a look of banquet and it’s interior.

Garden restaurant design :

Not all people like to have their food in the four walls of the dining hall. Some people are nature lovers and like to spend more time in fresh air, for them we create the best environment. At this place, there is good furniture in the garden. As we are the biggest furniture importer, we have a wide variety of imported furniture made just for garden restaurants.

Seating :

Seating or the dining hall is the place where usually everyone sits to have their food. But they are not only meant to have food and drinks that can be done at home as well, rather people go to restaurants to enjoy the comfortable environment and luxury. Here at Lakdi we create that comfortable vibe with interiors in the restaurants.

Wood restaurants :

Wood restaurants are those restaurants that are made of wood or not completely wood, but they do give that effect to the place. These types of restaurants are highly liked by the people because they are different. At Lakdi our expertise is decorating these kinds of restaurants as it is not easy to create the symmetry with the furniture.

  • Comprehensive expertise and effective approach
  • Charming and pleasant atmosphere to offer gourmet experience
  • Theme based restaurants designs and interiors
  • Authentic designs for interior designs for restaurants and bars

Our Specialities

  • Decorative & Architectural lightings
  • Theme based furniture
  • Bar furniture
  • Reception furniture
  • Wall coverings
  • Dining Tables + Chairs
  • Bar Stools + Bar chairs
  • Lights

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