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In India there are various restaurants be it Chinese, Italian, French American etc., but no restaurants attract people like Indian restaurants does. One can have international cuisine once in a while, but Indian cuisine is liked by everyone be it Indians or foreigners. If foreigners visit an Indian theme restaurant they would like to have a glimpse of Indian culture in that, but unfortunately it is not there in restaurants these days. In restaurants the interior is very much basic which is, that is why no one likes to visit there. Therefore, to attract customers to your Indian theme restaurant one should have interiors according to the theme. At Lakdi our expert interior designers and decorators ensure that the interior decoration of the restaurant is according to the theme so that people can understand different cultures in India. Our interior designer’s expertise in creating original like replicas that will impress you with its detailing. Not only do we focus on the interior, but also on the quality that we use and this makes us best interior designer in Delhi. We have a lot of experiencing in doing the interiors of Indian themed restaurants like Punjabi theme, south Indian theme, Mughlai theme, Goaian theme and many more that’s why we what are the liking and disliking of the people. Some of the things that are kept in mind while doing interior according to particular theme includes:

South Indian Theme :

South Indians are known for their simplicity; therefore the interior is also very simple and elegant. Walls are painted with ivory white pineapple yellow and other hues of white. Walls can be decorated with south Indian paintings. South Indians like to sit on the floor and eat so the interior should be according to that rest, it’s the choice of the owner that how he/she wants sitting to be. South Indian cuisine usually includes dosa, idli, sambar, coconut sauce, vada and so on.

North Indian Theme :

North India is being vastly has many cultures within it like Punjabi, Haryanvi, Himachali, Kashmiri and many more therefore there are various options for interiors. One can go for anything as per the dishes they serve. For example, if the theme is Punjabi then various statues, paintings and other Punjabi folk dance instruments plays a major role in decorating.

Tibetan Theme

Tibetan theme is that in which many things can be included and Tibetan food is also absolutely amazing. In Tibetan theme restaurants we include a replica of prayer wheels and frills etc. there is majority of colors like red and green. Doors and windows of Tibet theme restaurants have black painted frames, complex wooden overhung decorations and wooden furniture. Cuisine includes noodles, yogurt, dumplings cheese, tea etc.

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