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Are you planning to open a lounge or a specialty theme restaurant? You might have decided the theme and cuisine. But what about interiors? For a theme restaurant will the interiors like normal restaurants? No, that won’t work out. Lakdi is the restaurants interior designing company who will help you to do the interior decoration of your restaurant. We will make sure that the interiors of your restaurant will be according to the cuisine and serving style. What it would be like to visit a let us say Italian restaurant and only finding Italian cuisine, but the atmosphere is like just another restaurant. Unlike other interior designers, we make sure that we create such environment with interiors that the guests feel like they are that particular country. If your food is perfect according to the theme, but the interiors are not no one will like to visit. We expertise in all kinds of theme restaurants from American to Italian. We have done interiors of various international theme restaurants and now we have a strong team who can gather all the material required for a particular theme from all over the world and experts who can create replicas of many theme items. Some of the international themes are:

American Themed Restaurants :

In American themed restaurant’s interior is most likely 50’s style, keeping in mind the history of America. American flags and colors like red, blue and white are majorly used. Most played sport in America is baseball therefore a baseball bat is used to decorate the restaurant. The basic food that they serve includes burgers, hot dogs, French fries macaroni and cheese, meat loaf and fried chicken.

Italian Themed Restaurant :

While doing the interiors of Italian themed restaurants we make sure that at least one wall is stone veneer this will save a lot of money as well and is very much Italian. Another thing that we focus on is lightening to keep the atmosphere simple and real. Artwork should be less like the small pictures with thin black frame can be included. As we are furniture importer as well Italian style furniture can be managed. After all this there should be places where soft music is to be played- people remember everything.

Chinese Themed Restaurant :

Chinese themed restaurants basically include more of red color, dim lights and traditional Chinese lamps. In most of the Chinese restaurant interiors somehow a dragon is created be it on the walls, furniture or the cutlery. Our Interior designers and decorators make sure that all the material according to Chinese culture is gathered or its replica is made.

French Themed Restaurants :

French themed restaurants should be very lively with lots of paintings. A Replica of the famous Mona Lisa and Venus De Milo can be included followed by any other painting as from France only various artists emerged. Therefore the paintings of those artists and their artwork can be included. France being the fashion hub, everything should be very elegant and stylish.

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