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Are you planning to open a restaurant and want to design a kitchen, or renovate the old one? Then you have to be very careful because changes in dining area can be made later on but in kitchen changes in installations, drainage, water supply, drainage, electric wiring and other installations are a big problem. In case if there is any mistake in the interiors of dining that can be corrected, but as far as the kitchen is concerned it is quite a big project. At Lakdi we understand how important the kitchen interior is. Therefore, we focus more on the installations and other interiors of the restaurant kitchen. Interior decoration of a restaurant’s kitchen should be according to cuisine and theme of the restaurant. It should be such that it is easy for chefs to move around. Here at Lakdi not only we have team of restaurants Interior Designers but also the team, which is required, like plumbers, electricians and builders. We believe that your chef knows better that what is required in the kitchen how he wants cooks to work so; we try to see the vision of the chef that what he wants from us. Usually other interior design consultants don’t try to understand the vision of the chef and owner and denies the possibility of implementing ideas into action. We ensure that we try to understand the wants of the owner and according to that only designing are done. If the interior is done as per planned it will definitely work out. There are few things that we keep in mind while doing the interiors of the restaurant kitchen:

Cuisine :

A restaurant can be north Indian, south Indian, Tibetan, French, Italian, Chinese or any other theme and cuisines of all of them are entirely different from each other therefore the requirements of the equipment and ovens are also different. Our interior designer designs the kitchen according to the cuisine that they serve.

Properly designed :

We prefer that the design of the kitchen should be such that there is less need for the chef to move around as it saves time for cooking meals and the chances of accidents taking place in the kitchen are also less. Not only this, unwanted spilling of food is also minimized.

Safe :

Most of the interior design consultants in order to make the kitchen look attractive ignore the safety. In commercial kitchens there is more negligence and these kitchens are used regularly. This makes more chances of accidents taking place. At Lakdi we make sure that the design and material used should be such that the accidents can be avoided.

Maintenance :

Commercial kitchens are used regularly which makes its maintenance very difficult. Maintenance of the kitchen depends on what kind of material is used in the making of the kitchen, where the utensils are kept and arrangement of elements. The designing should be such that there is enough place to keep everything like shelf’s can be made and cabinets with door is also easy to maintain.

Ventilation :

Working in the kitchen for a whole day without ventilation is impossible. There is a lot of steam and smoke which is not healthy and extremely dangerous for employees. So the basic thing on which we pay a lot of attention is that there should be proper ventilation in restaurant’s kitchen.

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