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When you go to a restaurant is food the only reason for you to go? Of course not. The great ambience adds to the flavor of food. If the ambience is good, then food will also be loved by everyone. Lakdi is that interior design firm in Delhi who expertise in designing theme restaurants. Due to our tie ups with international companies our interior designers think out of the box and come up with most unique interior decoration ideas. We never compromise with innovation, utility, creativity and luxury. Interior decoration of restaurants is all about creating the environment in which person feels comfort and luxury, and we make sure that we do it. Restaurants have various varieties, therefore we have classified them into following:

Formal/ family: 

Be it ambience, themes or artwork we have knowledge of designing a formal restaurant. It should be comfortable and luxurious so that it suits people of all the ages.

Theme restaurant: Our experienced interior designers and decorators are experts in designing the theme based restaurants are it forest theme, robotic theme, cricket theme etc that can leave everyone in awe-stuck.

Dinner:  full menu and proper setting should be implemented in a formal area. The need of artwork is understood very well by expert interior designer.

Restaurant: restaurant should be designed keeping in mind the environment and Lakdi designs it according to that using subtle colors and interiors designed luxuriously.

Multi cuisine Diner: Décor of these restaurants include a lavish interior and great ambience which is to be decided by restauranter.


Lakdi can design casual restaurants in style, keeping mind the luxury, requirements and type of food that is to be served.

Canteen: Lakdi can design a canteen that gives a very positive vibe so that boredom runs away and people can enjoy their food in peace.

Lounge: lounge requires a design which is functional and people can feel comfortable. It should be such that waiting should be a boring task and people can enjoy their refreshments.

Bakery: a soft and sophisticated environment is required in bakery therefore designer designs according to that only. We are strict when its about creating a particular environment.

Juice bar: a juice bar should have colorful ambience and fresh feel. Our top designers know how to simple juice bar a “wow” effect.

Hangout :

This is the most required place as here a lot of people come to spend time with each other so the ambiance should be perfect for them to sit and talk. Our expert designers know how to do interior decoration of this place so that people can sit, eat and socialize. Youth audience is mostly targeted for this area.

Bar: interior designers at Lakdi know exactly how the environment to have alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks with appetizers is created.

Lounge diner: we have those well experienced interior designer who knows that how informal seating with luxury and full menu is created.

Pub: Dim and Colorful lights with great ambience are the environment of the club and know exactly how to design it in an exclusive way.

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