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Gurgaon has experienced tremendous expansion in the past decade and has become a popular area of Delhi/ NCR. Many large corporations have set up their offices in Gurgaon (now known as Gurugram) and people are also choosing to live as close to their workplaces as possible.

Finding Furniture:

For most people who move into new houses or flats, buying furniture usually involves some research about furniture manufacturers in Gurgaon first. Many young and upwardly-mobile families choose to engage an interior design consultant. The consultant interfaces with importers and interior designers in Delhi and NCR region to help their clients make decisions about their furniture, based on their living space, budget and personal preferences is a part of a reputable business house that has made a name for itself in this field. The core business of furniture design and manufacturing has evolved into a full-fledged occupancy service provider, offering the latest in ideas, designs and solutions to their clients. offer the following services under one roof –

Interior Design & Consultation:

Working with the best interior designers in Delhi and NCR, designs great living and working spaces for its clients. Integrating the latest trends with the client’s preferences and space requirements can be a challenge, and Lakdi has consistently provided optimal solutions in a timely and professional manner

Space Planning & Management:

An often-overlooked aspect of interior design, space planning is usually the first step at Lakdi. Based on input from the client, their interior design consultants create a framework ensuring efficient utilization of the living or working area. This creates a clean foundation for subsequent choices in design, furniture and finishes.

Furniture Design & Professional Installation: has consistently delivered high quality results in furniture design. We specialise in furniture with ultra-modern elements and technology-ready designs. Combined their professional installation services, their services ensure an engaging, yet hassle-free experience for their clients

Modular Furniture Solutions:

While traditional furniture manufacturers continue to be popular, many clients are also choosing modular furniture, especially in kitchen and wardrobe applications. Lakdi has a diverse range of modular solutions, designed to meet every need. While there are differences in design and scope, the products themselves are of a consistently high quality. We offer great after-sales support, leading to a high customer satisfaction rate

Lighting Design & Installation:

One of the important aspects for an interior design consultant is the right lighting in the right places. The days of simple bulbs and tube-lights are in the past. Lakdi offers the latest in design, with LED, incandescent and fluorescent technologies providing high-quality illumination for living and work areas. We also handle the installation of cables and electrical fitting as an integrated solution

Security and Home Automation Systems:

Lakdi addresses the growing demand for security systems by implementing robust and easy-to-use solutions by utilizing security cameras, access control and alarm systems. We also offers home automation for controlling lights, media, blinds and climate control. All of these services are customised to each client’s satisfaction

Import Services:

One of the biggest advantages that Lakdi offers is an in-house import service, this enabling our clients a single-window experience whether we choose products from domestic or international markets. With a well-developed network of trusted partners, Lakdi can also offer solutions using bespoke services as an importer and interior designer in Delhi and NCR

Whether you’re looking for a furniture manufacturers or an interior design consultant, Lakdi is your service provider of choice!

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