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“Design is thinking made Visual- Saul Bass”.

Lakdi is one of the most professional furniture making companies assisting you with prominent solutions as per your needs. Whether it is Kindergarten, schools, colleges, universities or coaching centers, we will assist you with all forms of design. The student’s comfort is our prime priority. We will make it possible with the complete assurance of the quality of the product. Whether its classroom chairs, benches for classrooms, cafeteria setup or auditorium set up, we have solutions for all. We use a different form of methods to provide compatible solutions. Our solutions entirely depend upon the condition of the client’s space, the need that is the material and the intricacy of the design. When you approach our expert, they will first assess the need for your space to acknowledge what standard of furniture it requires exclusively. Our quality can make you fully assured that for further need of the furniture you would call us only. We can also assist you with all the important details that we have about the furniture being made on your property.  To provide back the lost magic, we will provide you the best furniture solutions so that students can feel commutable all the time.

Why Lakdi?


Being one of the most professional furniture making companies are the most dependable option. Thus, you do not have to depend on family and friends to help you with the furniture all the time. We hire employees who exclusively undergo rigorous training to make sure exceptional service is offered. We have the required techniques and tools that assure the products in their possession are fully assured.


We acknowledge they we will be held responsible for their student’s comfort. Thus, we take every step to make sure valuable stuff are of precise quality and standard to make sure the one who is using is fully satisfied. We also provide insurance for our products and solutions.

Their speed:

Lakdi offers the time and dates their clients can expect their possessions to arrive at their spot. We pride in the fact that we provide expert services precisely. We will make the entire procedure of furniture assignments exciting and simple. Moreover, we possess the required skill in crafting quality furniture classroom chairs, student desk, classroom furniture, school chairs etc as per your custom requirement.


We will assist you with a great deal in managing bulky furniture aspects such as heavy benches and furniture. We will make sure that the valuable possessions which are made by us are of great quality and make sure that it matches the space and the new arena efficiently. Our professionals possess the required skill to make sure furniture is exclusively delivered, without causing any damage.

We provide our services to the below-mentioned departments:


The interior design and furniture of the kindergarten are designed while keeping small kids in mind.


The design of the school accommodates not only classroom chairs, student desk, classroom furniture, school chairs and staff rooms but also a cafeteria, playground, game room, restrooms and other important portions of the school.


The colleges and universities are designed for a large number of students and different departments. The rooms are designed while keeping the requirements specific to the departments.

Coaching Centers:

Coaching centers are designed while keeping the comfort of the students and reach and visibility of the boards in mind.

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