How to overcome the issues of sitting in a chair for long working hours

The ultimate aim of education is to set up a career that gives you a reputation in society as well as securing a sound financial condition. Everyone works hard, study day and night, to acquire a good job. It’s not an easy task to get a job now. The illiteracy rate is becoming very less. Only if you stand out then you will get a job. Once you start your career, you have to face many problems. As a part, you start complaining about many things. A major issue is sitting at the desk for the whole day, you should opt the best computer chair for long working hours otherwise this may cause certain physical issues to the employees, which in turn results in a decline in their productivity.

Several jobs are there, in which employees have to sit in a chair for long working hours. Software developers, graphic designers, accountants, call-center executives, come under such a category. Employee’s health and happiness should be given prime importance from the office designing stage. If employees are happy, they will show curiosity in coming to the office and willing to work for overtime. Otherwise, they may be waiting for Fridays to come, to get a holiday and to be happy. From the design stage, the best computer chair for long working hours must give high priority. A comfortable working environment can help to make you feel the best.

Flaws of inappropriate design of a chair for long working hours

The sitting position depicts a substantial part of an employee’s productivity. One’s sitting posture shows how much confidence he/she has.  This confidence makes you more efficient and reliable. At the same time, if you are not comfortable with your chair for long working hours, then you may feel a strain on your back shoulder. Many health issues can occur, due to such negligence in designing the best computer chair for long working hours. Let us have a look at some of them.

Sl.No Health Issues
1 Low energy expenditure
2 Spinal problem
3 Limited interaction and reduced social involvement
4 Slower Metabolic activity
5 Depression
6 Chronic pain
7 Wear and tear of joints
8 Obesity


  • Sitting in a chair for long working hours may reduce the amount of oxygen level in your body. It will, in turn, cause certain breathing problems.
  • Some studies show that the risk of chronic health problems like heart diseases, diabetics, and cancer is due to improper sitting arrangements.
  • If you are not comfortable sitting, then it distracts your mind. It will reflect on your work. Sometimes, it won’t come out well. This will mentally enfeeble you.

Ensure to fulfill the following parameters while designing a chair for long working hours

  • Many key points are there to consider while designing a chair for long working hours and also for studies.
  • The natural curve of your spine should be maintained.
  • An extended period of working may sometimes cause strain on the back, shoulder, and neck. This may cause severe pain.


Materials to use in designing an ergonomic chair for long working hours

  • The selection of materials for a chair for long working hours, which bear all the above-said factors, is very important.
  • There is various type of materials available in the market. But, to uphold our aim, which material to use, seeks prior importance.
  • in is one of the trusted furniture manufacturing companies in India, which delivers the best quality products to its customers.
  • Texture and pattern of the material must give top priority.
  • in is offering a variety of fabrics for a chair for a long working hour that suits different office conditions.
  • High-quality fittings and hardware for chair base and handles are available in their store.
  • Whether to choose soft or hard material for a chair for long working hours is a question.
  • Soft material discourages posture. It doesn’t mean to select a very hard material for a chair for long working hours.
  • Select a material that is neither too soft, nor too hard.
  • While selecting material for a chair for long working hours, you have to choose perfect material because the disc is more stressful while sitting than standing.

The chart below shows four major features to uphold while manufacturing a chair for long working hours.

Advantages of using an ergonomic chair for long working hours 

  • Employee engagement in work will increase if they don’t have any health problems. This can be attained only by using an ergonomic chair for long working hours.
  • Increased interest in doing the job will reduce the number of absentees.
  • Better health gives better energy, which in turn reflects in better concentration.
  • More concentration will result in reduced error rates.
  • The time people available to work will also escalate.
  • All these positivities will finally show a hike in employee’s productivity.

“Choose a job you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” – By Confucius. On the way to your success, many obstacles will be there. Everything we do may not bring happiness always, but there is no happiness without doing something. Happy people don’t have all the things best in their life; they just make the best out of whatever they have. If you have a problem with the chair for long working hours, figure it out.  Ultimately, when you sit the right way with the correct level of support, you experience a level of comfort. Now you can truly enjoy whatever you’re doing. So try to find happiness in whatever you do.

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