When you buy from Lakdi, you buy peace of mind

“The measure of success is happiness and peace of mind,” said Bobby Davro.
Owing to this quote by Bobby Davro, and we measure our success by the happiness and peace of mind of our customers. We interpret and understand the needs and requirements of our customers and deliver exactly what they need. Our expert designers work closely with our clients, comprehending their tastes and lifestyle. And design furniture that meets the requirements of our clients and their space. They also design a budget, timeline and plan any big project and get the clients’ approval. Then our craftsmen implement the designed furniture, paying attention to every detail very diligently. After our teams are done with space, the transformation is awe-inspiring and absolutely beautiful.

Spaces we design are:

Academic Institutions: 

Lakdi provides furniture of all varieties for academic institutes ranging from kindergarten to universities. We cover schools, colleges, coaching centers and also summer camps. We make sure that the furniture is designed keeping the comfort of the students in mind, and that the quality is top notch.

Office and Workspaces: 

We strive to design furniture that makes your office space stylish and functional. Functional so that your employees are satisfied and stylish so that your clients are attracted to it, and to you by reference.

Hotel Interiors

We provide luxury and creative designs for your establishment. Whether it be café, bar, banquet, resort or hotel, we have all the varieties.

Hospital Interiors:

Hospital interior is designed to provide positivity and tranquility to the patients.

Residential Interiors: 

Our residential furniture is designed for comfort, and to represent your lifestyle in a positive light.

When buying from Lakdi, you can rest assured that you will get the best furniture.

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