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“Children are like buds in a garden and should be carefully and lovingly nurtured, as they are the future of the nation and the citizens of tomorrow”, well said by our former Prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru. The way they are brought up, people they interact with, the place they belong to, and the food they eat all these matters a lot in their character formation. Statistics show that crime rates are increasing exponentially. Juveniles have substantial involvement in this. Therefore the upbringings of children play a crucial role in molding a better tomorrow. Educational institutions can hold a major part in this process.  

Primary thing is to create interest in students to come to school, not for attendance but their happiness. For that school-authorities have to set up such an atmosphere in the class which makes the students more curious and eager to come to their classroom. In this 21st century, the traditional educational system paves the way for collaborative learning. The appearance of the classroom and classroom furniture has changed. Education has become student-centered which needs more active participation from students. This will promote a high level of thinking, leadership skills, and oral communication which are very necessary in this competitive world. As a part, the teaching methods are evolved, so have the teacher’s tool including classroom furniture. It takes the main hand in this. A wide range of products is available in the classroom furniture market today. But getting the best out of anything without compromising in quality is significant. 

  • The classroom evolved from static physical place to a dynamic learning atmosphere.
  • It mainly aims at involving every student in the class and improving their creative skills. 
  • A collaborative space helps the teacher to reach all students. 
  • Group works will invoke positivity and energy among them. This helps to wipe out their selfish mentality to an extent.
  • Classroom furniture designing has to focus on building up a creative place that gives space for every single student.
  • Being physically fit and healthy is a necessity. 
  • Research says that humans are naturally prone to adjust themselves in a chair almost constantly for balancing purposes or for getting into a new comfortable position.
  • This means that current rigid-style classroom furniture chairs don’t allow for this natural movement.
  • If students don’t feel comfortable then it will distract them from concentrating on lessons.
  • Classroom furniture especially chairs should be designed with a flexible seating position as they are spending a major part of the day in those chairs. This will help in relaxing muscle and shoulders.
  • The ergonomic chairs encourage comfortable seating positions and swivel from side to side.
  • This will ensure a better learning experience.


  • Our generation is very lucky to live in an era of vast advancing technologies.
  • The invention of ICs made electronic gadgets small but powerful.
  • Ignoring such developments and sticking on to the old traditional way of teaching will not be suitable for our current educational system.
  • We are living in a real-time world.
  • Even a new-born child will stop crying by giving a smartphone to him. This not a joke. We have to accept the reality in it.
  • Incorporating technologies in studies make teaching and learning engaging and effective. 
  • Technological equipment must also be there in the list of classroom furniture.
  • Power and Wi-Fi connectivity become a necessity. So adequate plug points, 3 pin plugs, required connectors should be there in classroom furniture planning.
  • Distance learning must be encouraged. 
  • Podcasting helps students on leave to attend and discuss the class from home. 
  • We can easily remember and tell the story of a film seen years ago, but not able to answer a question studied one week ago. This is the strength of the visual medium. If projectors are used, definitely it could bring a substantial difference.
  • Social networking, wikis, blogs will aid them in a better learning experience.
  • Moreover, they will show more interest in studies because of using these kinds’ e-learning devices.


  • An important step in classroom furniture selection is to take an opinion from your student.
  • They are our prime focus.
  • The best source of information will be always the client. Here our client is students.
  • Enquire them about their comfort, needs, the color of classroom furniture walls, etc.
  • Get information from students of different age groups. Accordingly, start the planning of classroom furniture selection.


  • In collaborative learning flexible seating and more student-centered classroom furniture design have taken off everywhere. 
  • Teachers are breaking away from traditional classroom layouts and finding new ways to make their rooms more conducive.
  • To make classrooms more learner-friendly and to overcome some common hurdles teachers often redesign classrooms.
  • Mobility of the classroom furniture should be taken care of because its movement should not be a noise disturbance.
  • Classroom furniture should be able to configure in a group.
  • Safety measures like no sharp edges or corners, coated with non-toxic paints, etc must also be looked after when choosing classroom furniture.


  • Children from a diverse family background will be there in a class. They may be facing some family problems. 
  • Some students say, “Teacher, I want to go to the bathroom”. Maybe they are out of the mood and want to spend some time alone.
  • Present school infrastructure design doesn’t consider any space for such students.
  • Creating a quiet place for such introvert children can be a good thought. 
  • Small corner space with some bean bags, motivational books, paper and pen, green plants, DIY crate-stools, benches can be made.
  • While planning to buy classroom furniture this should also be taken into account.

Lots of changes can be made to your classroom, without spending a lot of money or space, to make it a better place for students to learn. The classroom gives birth to doctors, engineers, artists, and/or a criminal too. It’s the duty of the educational institution and the educators to think about what all things they can do in molding not only intelligent students but also good human. Creating pleasant as well as a healthy classroom atmosphere needs prior importance. The selection of classroom furniture has a lot to do with engaging students. Never compromise with the quality of classroom furniture. Lakdi.in is a pioneer in innovative classroom furniture making. The design classroom furniture only after detailed research work by the R&D team. 

“Spent the years in the classroom dreaming. Years down the line, the classroom itself became a dream”. How true it is! The most beautiful period in everyone’s life is when we at our schools and colleges. Cherish those days with creating good memories.

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