Furniture For Hotel Rooms That You Must Never Forget About

Hotel room furniture is a deal-setter for hotels. The furniture in a hotel room decides whether a traveler wants to remember his vacation or not. The furniture in hotel rooms can leave a lasting impression. It determines the quality of the experience at the hotel. It holds for the globe-trotter or a busy business executive alike.

Buying furniture for hotels can be tricky. It is a matter of the hotel’s outlook and style. Some of the latest hotel furniture designs provide signature furniture ranges. Hotel furniture manufacturers cover all kinds of furniture. This may range from the hotel lounge to poolside recliners. So how can one keep a hotel’s furniture game strong?


Making hotel furniture designs unforgettable.

It is essential to be conscious of the statement that the hotel room furniture portrays. It can be used differently for a heritage resort, a business class hotel, or a vacation stay. It leaves a lasting impression in a client’s mind.

  • Keep consistency– Different spaces need different designs. In a vacation stay, a homely lounge may be required for a homely dining space and bedroom. Business-class hotels may need a minimal, classy yet comfortable design. These designs must complement the nature of its clients.


  • Elegance is ever-lasting– A touch of luxury and heritage can add to the glamour of a place. Antique columnar stands and teapoy, for instance, are a win.


  • Ditch the rules– Compartmentalized lobbies and dedicated dining spaces are old-fashioned now. You can switch to a modern alternative of planning elegant halls. These places can cover the lobby space and cafe corners. Variants of complementary furniture can be added in such areas.
  • Cater to all ages and needs

Your hotel should have ample spaces for dining and recreational areas. They should accommodate all members of a family together. It should provide a pleasing experience for clients planning a small family gathering. It includes addressing the needs of the elderly and the young. Having hotel spaces- especially dining and recreational areas


  • Dog-friendly hotel furniture designs

Furniture in hotel rooms should be made from scratch-proof or bite-resistant material. It can be designed to allow clients to come along with their pets. It will help clients not to feel guilty about leaving their pets behind on vacations.

Features of best hotel furniture

You need to remember a couple of features while choosing hotel room furniture. The underlying idea is to meet these basic requirements. Furniture designs can be developed further to meet the specifics. They should match the rest of the interiors and outlook of the hotel.

  • Ergonomics is the key.

There are little things like plug points at the bedside or near lounge sofas that go a long way. You can make use of the right-sized storage spaces in a wardrobe in a room. An appropriate height of bedside tables can add to the convenience factor of a room.

  • Say it with the upholstery.

The right choice of upholstery can do wonders. It can make even a super comfy curvilinear sofa pass as formal furniture. You can uniquely use padded or faux-leather upholstered furniture in bedrooms. Even head-boards can give a sophisticated yet comfortable appeal.

  • Stay safe and stylish.

Designing hotel furniture should be in a way that is safe for toddlers and young children. It should also suit the needs of differently-abled clients and older adults. Hotel furniture manufacturers like Lakdi, do understand this need. We lean towards designing stylish yet safe designs. These are accommodative enough to create a welcoming feeling.

  • Intelligent interiors

You can try ideas to convert blank spaces to functional storage spaces to glam up a room. Furniture like mirrored door-wardrobes or office desks with mini-bars can be used. It can add to the facilities even in a small-sized hotel room.

Smart notes for buying furniture for hotel

We need to address the requirements for buying furniture for hotel rooms. This has to be done for a variety of spaces. These mostly include:

  • Reception
  • Lobby and lounge areas
  • Different types of bedrooms.
  • Recreational areas like pools, bars, spa, cafe, and outdoors
  • Dining area, restaurants, and banquet halls
  • Conference hall


Keep your budget close to the plan. Buying furniture for a hotel doesn’t have to be a scary ordeal if planned smartly. For instance, you can use more sofas than individual chairs. This can make lounging spaces feel more homely along with budget savings.

Invest in durability and comfort than with trends. It is always a smart choice to opt for a furniture set that is classic and doesn’t go out of style or get outdated. But, this doesn’t mean a compromise on being fashionable. The idea is to appeal to the aesthetics of a wider population. One smart way to do this is by designing spaces based on their nature and themes. Official or formal areas can be furnished with discreet, elegant furniture. Trendy or fancier options can be chosen for outdoor recreational spaces.

Today most hotel furniture manufacturers offer a wide range of services. It is not limited to the ready-made display sets of hotel furniture for sale. A lot of options are available online and offline. Lakdi provides custom designing options that suit the needs of your hotel. This means that furniture can be custom designed. It can be made to fit the colour, space requirements, and style of the overall hotel appearance. There is no need to compromise with limited ready-made options anymore.

This also helps make the most out of your budget and space. You can have signature styles of furniture carefully crafted for the hotel’s interiors.

Do let us know your feedback, favourites and inputs on hotel room furniture or interior ideas.