Process of Lakdi: The house of Desirable Furniture

How often have you availed any service for your home and were left disappointed with the end result? Don’t worry, the story is the same with everyone. When it comes to work pertaining to Interior designers, furniture manufacturers and importers, Office furniture manufacturers, Importers, and Interior designs consultant, finalizing a company is only half the job. The process followed by these stakeholders can make all the difference. We, Furniture Manufacturers, Importers, and Interior Designers have designed our process through rigorous brainstorming and applying our years of experience. Let us give you an overview of our process that ensures everything goes as per the plan.

 Project planning

We do not jump to budgets and competitive costs that we can offer. We do a thorough requirement analysis to understand the project along with the cost and resources that would be employed. We provide accurate estimates of the activity and the total duration for the same. Our project planning methods will give you a complete idea of the costs and timelines involved so you can plan accordingly.

Sourcing and procurement

Once things are set in motion, we focus on procuring the best products as per your requirement without wasting any time. The process involves direct negotiations with the suppliers to procure the best available product at competitive prices. We then continue tracking the products to ensure that they are on schedule.  Once the products arrive, we do a thorough inspection to maintain strict quality standards. After approval, the products are customized as per the requirement.

Supply chain Management

Well, let’s accept that not all top-notch products are available in India. We also import the latest trending products from across the globe to suit your requirement. The procurement process is similar to the one followed locally except the onsite quality control and customs clearance. Clearing a product from customs needs a whole range of bureaucratic procedure including Airway bills, freight certificate, taxes, and more. We take care of everything and ensure timely delivery of your products.


It must have been pretty evident so far that complete customer satisfaction is our primary goal. Our onsite qualified technical staff will ensure a hassle-free experience. Our highly skilled and experienced CRM team will take care of all your problems. You can sit back and relax while we take charge and complete the work in stipulated time and as per your requirement. Get in touch with our executives to know more.

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