How can we give living room an attractive look?

As we all know we spend most of our family time in the living area and even guests in our guests sit in the living area only no one comes to explore your house. So to make a good impression of your house you should have an attractive living room for that you should add a few things and also make some changes. Here are suggestions you can take from me.

Add Wallpapers on the wall:

If you want your simple plain wall gloom up in some pattern or design than paste wallpaper on it. Wallpapers make the wall much more appealing and fresh. And with the range available in the market you can transform your wall into an art piece. Even you can give your wall a wooden finish using the wallpaper and the cost will also be very less.

Greenery for freshness

Adding plants in your living room has different benefits like it purifies the room air naturally and it makes you feel fresh every time sitting in the room. There are multiple ways you can add a plant in your room by hanging a basket on a wall bracket, vertical pot or even you can add a shelf.

There are small designer pots also available in the market, you can grow small plants in it and place it near your TV shelves and another area where it is easily available.

More the Light more the attractive

The key to making your room attractive is to have good quality and different temperature light which you can adjust as per your convenience. A good light can enhance the plain simple wall.

You have multiple ways to add light in your room by hanging it to ceiling, table lamp, wall mount light, or corner light.

False Ceiling

No doubt adding a false ceiling in your room makes it more attractive and also the room looks much modern in design. So going for a false ceiling never an old idea. And there is a variety of designs you can choose from.

Water fountain or statement pieces

Don’t let your rooms corner space be empty and put a statement piece of metal or go for a water fountain both the items will make your corner space look good and eye-catching.