Tips to maintain Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture is as good of a choice when choosing furniture as it gets. Its vintage material adds to the setting’s warmth and charm, making anyone instantly comfortable. However wooden furniture needs maintenance and cares about as much as any other furniture.

Here are a few tips that could help you maintain your wooden furniture in its optimal form.


Taking care of wooden furniture is extremely important if you expect it to stay longer. One way to care for it is to keep away from the direct sunlight, despite many of this wooden furniture now come with finishing that makes it sunlight resistant but still, if it’s exposed to direct sunlight for longer durations, the wood starts to fade. Keeping the wooden furniture moisture-free is also of immense import, as dampness might cause the wood to warp, or the finishing can peel and fade. Wipe any liquid spilled as fast as you can as they can leave a lifetime stain on your furniture. Best way to go about it is to cover the top of the furniture with a tablecloth, this way your furniture will also be protected from scratches and it will also accentuate your furniture’s look.


To maintain the surface of your wooden furniture bright and shiny, dust it regularly. Use a light duster so that it may not scratch the wood, and always clean along the grain of the furniture. In case furniture has gotten dirty, you have to clean it in a very precise manner to avoid wood warping. First, try to wipe it with a cloth soaked in warm water. If it is not working then use a light soap mixed in water applied to the cloth when done remove the residual soap with another wet cloth. After all, this, wipe it with a clean and dry duster in order to get rid of possible moisture to avoid letting it soak into the wood.


Wood is sensitive to the environment around it and can very easily be affected by the harsh ones. In case there is too much or too less humidity in the area your wooden furniture is, it can damage your furniture. Basements usually are damp and humid, so the common advice is to keep your furniture out of it or even if you are storing there try using a dehumidifier.

Ladki offers you various tips and tricks that can help you maintain your wooden furniture as new. Contact us for all your wooden furniture related requirements!

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