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“Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love.” – Nate Berkus

At Lakdi, we are known as one of the tops most competitive residential interior designing companies. Our projects include flats, apartments, villas, and farmhouses. We take care of sections of a Living room furniture requirement like bathrooms, kitchen, lobby entrance, family sitting room, exterior landscaping, swimming pool design and many other sections of the house.

When we start working on the project, our team of experts first sit down with the customer and try to visualize what he has in mind for space. Keep that vision in mind we design the interior in such a way that it looks similar to what the client wants while keeping it up with the modern amenities. In case the customer is not clear about the idea, we provide a complete set of different custom designing ideas which will suit the space.

We provide every bit of service from choosing the color combinations, textures, fabrics, living room furniture and other amenities for the house. We make sure that the interior fits perfectly in your budget. Designing a modern space with ample light and ventilation is very important yet challenging, and we are the best in keeping up with the challenge.

There are a lot of factors that make the house a livable home; we take care of the interiors in such a way that it reflects the base idea behind the architecture. The living room furniture, furnishing, and decor are kept in sync with the mood and style of the house as well as the people who are going to live in the houses.

Flats and Apartments:

As they have confined space and most are low in the budget regarding interiors, we believe that it is important to make it big while keeping the budget at the minimal. Our team has expertise in creating the space out of space. For example, we suggest using living room furniture a couple of inches small in size to ensure that there is enough walking space in smaller rooms. In the kitchen, we use single or double side modular base instead of a 3 or 4-way modular base.


Keeping in mind the huge space available to play with, we prefer to use exquisite furniture with modern amenities. Villas do have multiple bathrooms, and we prefer to design them differently to give a new feel to the house. The garden area or the terrace garden is an important part of the villa which is taken care of with proper furniture, lighting and other important amenities like barbeque, etc.


From swimming pool to gardens and from landscaping to big rooms, every space in the farmhouse is designed in such a way that it gets the royal touch without making a big hole in your pocket. We prefer to use color combinations as per the choice of the client so that they do not need to change it anytime soon. The furniture gives the royal feeling and is super comfortable which will provide you endless hours of happiness and pleasure.

Every service is designed to provide the top quality products for your house, villa, apartment or farmhouse. We make sure to use every inch of the space so that you can make it home to your dreams.

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