Luxury furniture that adds a touch of beauty to Your Office

All of us agree that our immediate physical environment affects our mood and productivity. We go to great lengths to create a positive environment in our homes, and there is no reason we should not do the same in our offices. A warm, well-thought, and inviting space can motivate your employees while leaving an impact on your visitors. While the approach of the owner can make a huge difference, here are some luxury furniture ideas that can add a touch of beauty to your office.

The Automatic Desk:

Thanks to the ever advancing technology, you can now get an automatic desk for your employees. It can be raised or lowered electrically while keeping the cable clutter to a minimum. With multiple compartments, this desk solves the problem of storage. No more complains of lesser storage options by your employees.

The Meeting Couch/ Bed:

If you are a startup or an innovative company, you surely don’t want your office to look like any other corporate office. The meeting couch is a creative furniture piece that not only makes meetings fun but also adds to the beauty of your office.

Art Tables:

Let’s accept it nobody likes the dull & boring wooden tables. So, why not change it to something new? Art tables are a funky, colourful, and uncannily shaped work tables that serve the purpose while enhancing the appearance of the entire office.

Wooden Walls:

Even though we are moving towards open office culture, there are places such as conference room that need privacy. So, why not replace the dull partition with a wooden-themed wall. It just makes going to the conference room sheer fun.


No, we are not talking about the age-old wooden partitions. In most cities, office space is limited, and it is not much you can do about it. These new age partitions are flexible, movable, and look fabulous.  You can twist it, roll them up, or change their shapes as and when you want. It is a smart way to bring about cool changes in your office on a regular basis.

Lakdi – The Furniture Co., a Delhi-based furniture manufacturers and interior designing firm, specializes in creating spaces like these. With an exemplary service record under their belt, the company has a history of creating not only beautiful spaces but beautiful furniture as well. They ensure that every design reflect the brand’s true purpose and caters to both the present and future needs of their customer.

With an impressive worldwide network of manufacturers, dealers, suppliers, vendors and skilled engineers, Lakdi has managed to cultivate a wonderful portfolio of residential, hospitality, education and other commercial projects. From welcoming playrooms to fashionable clinics to sophisticated hotels, their love for design and incredible expertise can be seen in the vibrant personal and professional spaces that they create. Whether a ready set or customized, they ensure that everything they design is affordable, space-saving and multi-purpose.

What makes Lakdi’s furniture truly stand out is their dedication to quality and need to provide the most competitive prices within their client’s budget. They are able to accommodate most price points by importing in bulk, leveraging their long-term vendor relationships and capitalizing on their incredible team of interior designers, architects and space management professionals.

Known for converting raw spaces into ‘ready to move’ homes or offices, Office Furniture Manufacturers speciality is maximising the utility of available space while maintaining the aesthetic & functional principles of designing. For them, warm, elegant, beautifully crafted furniture for any budget is not an exaggeration but a given.

Have a design in mind? Give us a call, we’d love to make your vision come to life!