Why is modular furniture the best in industry?

We are experiencing a major shift in the modern urban lifestyle and hence, in the way we live. A major part of our living environment is either taken up by workspace or our living space. With changing lifestyle needs, these spaces have also experienced significant transformations. There are lesser space and an increased need for efficiency of the available space. Such needs influence the modern consumer to opt for smarter, better, and more efficient furniture and fixtures like modular furniture, which are pre-manufactured modules and parts that can be easily assembled at your home or office.

Such smart furniture might be widely used in the present times, but the concept dates back to the 1940s, when the American furniture designer, Harvey Probber, invented a sectional seating arrangement and pioneered the idea of the modern-day modular furniture.

These kinds of furniture have a lot of technical and lifestyle advantages.

They are immensely space saving

Traditional home or workspace furniture used to be bulky and would occupy a lot of space. A few decades ago, that would not have been a concern, but with shrinking living and workspaces in the 21st century, we need to utilize every inch of the floor and wall space. Modular office furniture and modular installations for the home (in kitchen or dining) are designed meticulously to be sleek enough, thus saving space.

They are sustainable

Environmental sustainability is a major issue and needs to be addressed at all levels. The furniture industry is at the helm of it and hence modern designs are switching from conventional wood-based furniture to modular assemblies that use recycled materials and thus reduce waste, making it a more sustainable choice for the modern consumer. Neither do they waste natural resources like wood or create toxic fumes from materials like polymer. From construction to configuration, modular furniture eliminates wastage and proves to be environmentally safer.

They are cost-efficient

Because they come in pre-set models and configurations, modular furniture does not have to be completely customized (except for basic sizes). This radically brings down the manufacturing cost by cutting down on manual design intervention. Also, because they are designed to multitask, they reduce the need for additional furniture units, thus also saving on your fixtures.

They are versatile

One of the most essential elements of the design industry is that it requires a constant upgrade to newer ideas that are in sync with the existing lifestyle and economic trends. Modular furniture for home and office offers convenience, the topmost criteria of the modern user. They can be easily transported, moved, installed, assembled, and disassembled. When needed, they can be easily and quickly changed into different layouts and styles, thus making them the most versatile furniture ever.

With changing times and lifestyles, the interiors of our homes and workspace also need to change. With modular interior designs and modern furniture ideas, we can create a space that is in sync with the changing world and is also better for the environment. It has evolved to be more of a need of the millennial consumer, who wants the best for their own space and the world that they live in.

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