Our specialty as a design expert:

We provide interior design services and solutions for your offices, hotels, institutions, residential and commercial spaces with complete furniture solutions.

Modular Furniture Systems & Accessories

Modular furniture gives you the freedom to explore various possibilities from the same pieces of furniture. Creative outcomes can be achieved along with our accessories so you may enjoy unique styling for your interiors.

Lighting Designs and Installations

Lakdi’s lighting solutions are designed to seamlessly blend with your architecture. Our experts ensure perfect design and accurate installation.

Home Automation and Security Systems

Both these systems bring comfort, luxury, and security. These systems are in high demand due to the way they transform modern day living.

Space Planning and Management

Our aim is to use the available space to its optimum efficiency while saving your money. Our architects and interior designers create well-managed spaces that can respond quickly to changing situations.

Interior Finish Selection and Consultation

Understanding your needs and desires is essential for our team in order to deliver the best to you. We facilitate selection of materials and provide consultation to enhance our understanding of your requirements.

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