Commercial Furniture

Commercial Furniture Manufacturers & Importers In Delhi NCR, India

Lakdi offers extensive range of selection and superior quality commercial furniture coupled with the convenience of customer care service which makes it easier to design your commercial spaces like Airport, Railway Stations, Metro Stations, Bus Stops, Malls/ Shopping Centers, Auditoriums, Multiplex/Cinema Halls and Many More.

Commercial Furniture


We design furniture according to the requirement of various government and commercial sectors.


The Lobby is designed to attract visitors to enjoy the ambience of the space.


Waiting areas is designed to have enough seating arrangements so that it provides comfort for long waiting hours.

Food Court:

The food court are designed to allow visitors to enjoy quality time after a great deal of shopping.


We design furniture for Auditoriums, Multiplex, Cinema Halls; So that it can accommodate huge number of people for long hours.

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