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For several years, Lakdi has extended the prominent position of service and quality with furniture. This advantage extends to the scope of their hospital furniture project. When manufacturing products, we always place patient comfort as our top priority, and our primary goal is to create a hassle-free atmosphere throughout all medical processes. Our main goal is to provide a wide range of medical and hospital furniture products. All of the furniture for a hospital that we make is convenient with short span of time. However, it can be customized to match your precise needs. Our hospital furniture solutions are wide-ranging, involving every furnishing requirements. All the furniture we produce for the hospital can be tailored to the needs of your healthcare facility. We have experts with whom we specialize in managing every improvement in the medical field and try to use this information to make our solutions better and finest. Before doing any work, our professional team surveys collect feedback, ensure a hygienic environment overview and prepare details for each department and every department.

Hospital Furniture


We maintain the calm colour of the reception area to relieve the pressure on the patients. In addition, the design of the furniture ensures that no patients or staff feel unwell.


Care should be taken in the lobby design to maintain the expected foot position so that patients and their families can wait as needed.

Waiting Rooms:

The waiting room have enough seating arrangements so that it provides comfort and reduce stress.

Ward Rooms:

The wards design has the necessary facilities to ensure the patient’s safety, safety and comfort.

Doctor’s Cabin:

The doctor’s cabin is designed while keeping in mind that it should be a calm place and it has proper light as well.


The laboratory is designed in a way that it remains germ-free and has full capacity.


The purpose of the pharmacy is to keep outsiders locked outdoors and with adequate space and proper temperature control.


The canteen is a place where doctors and family can relax for some time. We keep these aspects in mind while designing interior and furniture.

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