Are Stressless chairs good for your back?

How many times have you left work with a sore back only to go home and aggravate the pain from your couch? Most often than not, we spend our days at work sitting, and more so in chairs which do not support our backs completely. But so do the lounging options at home. With ergonomic seating options like Stressless chairs and recliners, you can address back pains and problems and prevent long-term orthopedic issues.

What are Stressless Chairs?

Stressless was introduced by the Norwegian furniture design company in 1971 as a lounging solution. It was built specifically for sitting in front of the television for long hours after work. It was the first-ever recliner that could be adjusted in reclining or swivel positions, to ease sitting or lying down. The innovative furniture was relaxing yet functional, making it a sensation. Decades later, its popularity continues among the millennial user. Although people do not use it specifically for television these days, they remain a highly useful and ergonomic lounging solution, especially for people who spend long hours sitting at work. Over the years, the design of the Stressless chair has undergone many upgrades, but its original functionality continues to serve the same purpose, rather more in the fast-moving, hectic millennial life.

So, what makes Stressless an ergonomic solution?

The idea of having ergonomic furniture is to provide ultimate comfort to your body. Stressless conforms to your anatomical needs and aims at providing the right support.

It offers perfect balance with Glide system

Irrespective of your position, body type, or weight, this chair keeps your body’s balance in place, which is important to support your bones and muscles. It is built with the Stressless Glide system that lets the chair balance your body for optimum support and comfort. You can easily adjust the Glide system as per your needs and experience a floating-like relaxation technique.

It has a Plus System

This chair is built in a manner so it can cradle your back, neck, and head for the ultimate support in both an upright or reclined position.

It is built with a Comfort-Zones Technology

This technology allows you to sink deeply into the chair and let the furniture support the contour of your body, so you can be in the most comfortable position.

Has a Balance-Adapt System

With this system, you can get your recliner into a slight motion and simulate the feeling of a rocking chair. This gives a massage-like feeling and helps induce sleep.

It has various size options

Usually, most chairs and recliners come in standard sizes, without many options. But like everything else, one size cannot fit all. Stressless chairs address this pertinent issue and offer three sizes, small, medium, and large, which you can choose from, depending upon your height, weight, and body type, so you give your body the right support it needs.

Poor posture and bad seating can lead to chronic orthopedic conditions and long term physical problems like back pain, blood circulation or digestive issues. These are not only discomforting for you but also hinder your daily activities and make it difficult to focus on your tasks. That is why it is essential to choose ergonomic furniture solutions like Stressless chairs so you can give your body the right kind of support that it needs and induce a healthy lifestyle!

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