One of the first decisions you have to make when choosing furniture is whether to go for a traditional Furniture or a modern look. It entirely depends on your personal taste—both styles are popular. In general, modern pieces tend to be minimalist, with sleek and simple lines. When some people hear the term “modern furniture” they imagine all the products of modern furniture to be artistic that is not practical for everyday use, but that’s not true. At Ladki,  all our products are well-made, well- designed and comfortable furniture. We love to take up the challenge of creating the most unique custom furniture.

Traditional Furniture

  • Traditional furniture really refers to any furniture piece that resembles the styles of the 19th century or earlier. Furniture from this time period tends to be made of dark heavy wood and is often large and heavy.


  • In India, traditional furniture style is still used often, especially in homes and in many offices in historic buildings. On the other hand, restaurants, and hotels, typically stick with a modern look, depending upon the desired mood. The truth is, either style has its own place in both personal and business settings.


  • The traditional furniture style is best suited for the large house, restaurant, or hotel, as it takes up a lot of visual weight and is easier to accommodate the traditional style. In smaller spaces, the big, dark furniture can make the area look small and congested. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t put traditional furniture in a small area if you love the traditional style. The secret is to be choosy about the products you go for.


  • A strategically placed item can be a wonderful focal point in smaller rooms. To finish off the décor, choose smaller furniture products for accents, and avoid cluttering the space with too many items.


  • Traditional luxury furniture pairs wonderfully with antiques, because the furniture style matches the time period of the other pieces. Of course, one can also boldly mix traditional furniture and modern furniture products.


  • When it comes to décor the only rule to be applied is to make the style represent your personality and suit your needs. Our skilled craftspeople are proficient in recreating the traditional look with dark wood stains and high-quality fabrics.

Modern Furniture

  • All the products in modern furniture, on the other hand, refers to furniture styles that come after the 19th centuries. These furniture products tend to utilize lighter wood tones, brighter fabrics, and newer materials, like plastic or metal.


  • Modern furniture products embrace the urban aesthetic of smaller spaces and suburban reality of single family homes, and it helps to enhance these spaces by being less visually heavy.


  • Although modern furniture products are lighter and less ornate, that doesn’t necessarily mean one can place all the products in a single area.


  • The modern look appeal doesn’t take up too much space, and it provides functional multitasking, such as additional storage.

At Lakdi, our clients specify what they want from the furniture every step of the way. According to the brief, we customize the look and functionality of all the products they order to achieve the client’s desired outcome.

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