Workstation Series: A Circle of Teammates- Space for Mobility

Cubicles often referred to as Office workstations are standardized workplace fixtures, usually workstation partitions open office spaces into smaller rooms for one or several workers to focus on their specific work tasks. The cubicle was invented with the idea to convert large building plans into individualized work compartments. and to create a reconfigurable office furniture system. Cubicles are designed to provide decrease the visual distractions while working, privacy, sound-proofing, and isolation while working. They also improve the efficiency of the workplace and the productivity of the Employees.

Below mentioned are the different types of workstations or cubicles :

Utility Workstation | Cubicle

Length: 4’ | 122 cm

Width: 2’ | 61 cm
Area: 16 ft2 | 1.5 m2

Clearance: 2’-2.5’ | 61-76 cm

Uses: Call center, telemarketing


The most minimal office footprint and the most efficient form of office cubicle are the Utility workstations. These workstations are typically arrayed linearly into rows. in call centers and telemarketing workplaces where tasks do not require larger desk surfaces Utility workstations are popular.

Utility Task Workstation | Cubicle

Length: 6’ | 183 cm

Width: 4’ |122 cm

Area: 24 ft2 | 2.2 m2

Clearance: 2’-2.5’ | 61-76 cm

Uses: Private tasks, large work surface


While also providing more space and work surfaces, Utility Task workstations are cubicles that offer increased privacy over a standard utility workstation. While still remaining open and connected to the larger office the Utility Task cubicle gives workers a more individualized zone to focus

Task Workstation | Cubicle

Length: 6’ | 183 cm

Width: 6’ | 183 cm

Area: 36 ft2 | 3.3 m2

Benefits: Spacious, square module, popular

The most popular cubicles are the Task workstations they basically are the cubicles that balance privacy and floor planning efficiency while offering a spacious amount of work surfaces. The task cubicle is an easy footprint to use when laying out an office plan because of its square modular dimensions.

Administrative Workstation | Cubicle

Length: 8’ | 244 cm

Width: 6’ | 183 cm

Area: 48 ft2 | 4.5 m2

Benefits: Increased storage, privacy, visitors

The upgraded office workstations are popularly known as Administrative cubicles. They are standard for mid-level employees. These cubicles are sized to handle the day-to-day demands of workers requiring additional privacy, storage, and potential space to host casual exchange.

L-Shape Management Workstation | Cubicle

Length: 8’ | 244 cm

Width: 8’ | 244 cm

Area: 64 ft2 | 5.9 m2

Benefits: Private room, square module

L-Shape management workstations are cubicles spacious, straightforward, and easy to arrange within the overall office plan. These workstations have evolved into efficient private rooms for managerial employees that need increased privacy and independence for their tasks.

U-Shape Management Workstation | Cubicle

Length: 8’ | 244 cm

Width: 8’ | 244 cm

Area: 64 ft2 | 5.9 m2

Benefits: Private room, increased storage, square module

U-Shape management cubicles trade mobility and flexibility for additional desk space. They are planned as private room workstations for managerial employees where the office furniture in this cubicle further provides them with work surfaces and storage.

Management Workstation | Cubicle

Length: 12’ | 366 cm

Width: 8’ | 244 cm

Area: 96 ft2 | 8.9 m2

Benefits: Private room, guest furniture

Management workstations provide balance workplace efficiency while providing an area for private team meetings they function similar to a traditional private office.

They are kind of generous private cubicles that have grown to include additional space for hosting guests and teammates and the required office furniture for the same.

Executive Workstation | Cubicle

Length: 12’ | 366 cm

Width: 10’ | 305 cm

Area: 120 ft2 | 11.1 m2

Benefits: Private room, spacious team furniture

Executive cubicles are perfect for upper-level workers as it is private, spacious and useful for all types of work and storage. It has the flexibility and space for convenient for conducting spaces for meetings and office furniture. The executive workstation is the largest form of workstation and provides areas for hosting small teams and groups of workers.

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